Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Scientific American

ritt from gameknot sent me this link. It is a very interesting article. I encourage everyone to read it. The link is http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?chanID=sa006&colID=1&articleID=00010347-101C-14C1-8F9E83414B7F4945.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chess Openings

This is the Ruy Lopez chess opening. It goes, 1. e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5. What follows, is often times a lot of fun. And other times, very, very frustrating. It is a good opening to learn though if you haven't had much experience with it. Most of the people that play on gameknot are probably very familiar with this opening. If you didn't already know it's name, I'm sure you've still come across it in a game or two. This opening is played all over the world, every day, by everyone from novice players, to grandmasters. I love this opening because it is an easy one to learn, and a difficult one to master. I guess you could say that about all chess openings, but the Ruy Lopez has a kind of sadistic flair to it that I like. There are many different variations after these opening moves. If you do a google search for Ruy Lopez, you will be bombarded with hundreds of variations. Have fun. So until next time, study up on the Lopez. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 24, 2006

Will Work For Food

I have a request for all the Dangerous Foundations team members over 1400. It is my hope that our team can excel here on Gameknot. In order to do that we have to win team games. I would like for each of the 1400+ players to challenge one or more of the lower rated players to an unrated game. During the game, please give the lower rated player advice, pointers, tips on success on Gameknot, you know the drill. To all the lower rated players reading this post, if you don't get a challenge from anyone soon for a training game, let me know. I will play you. These unrated games should have long time out periods. That way there is no presure, and you will be better able to analyze specific positions for a period of time. To all the team members willing to train, I thank you in advance. Let's all work together to achieve greatness.

Chess Fun

White to move and mate. Again, please do not look up this game. Everyone already knows how to use google. Let's use our brains instead. This is a mate in however many. I am not going to say how many moves any more. I want to see how many different solutions to these problems we can all come up with. This could be a mate in two, or a mate in six. Who knows, you tell me. Please post all answers, questions, and comments in the comments section of the post. Good skill to everyone in answering this and all the other challenges. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chess Products

I recently ordered the Maestro chess computer by Mephisto. I love it. Back lit screen is great. Lots of fun levels, and rated levels to choose from. I have been playing mine on the hardest level, approximatley 2250. I have yet to win but I am learning a lot. Good little handheld. I definitly recommend it. The best price I've found is at www.wholesalechess.com. You can find it on this site for $79.99 + shipping and handling. That is the best price I could find. Post in the comments if you like this handheld. Also post if you know of a better price, excluding ebay. Thanks

Spassky What?

White to move, and mate in you know. Another challenging one from one of my chess heros. Ok it's not that hard. It is pretty though. Again, if you are already familiar with this particular game, please let the others have a shot at it. Otherwise this is open to everyone. Post answers in the comments. Also, if you see there are comments on any one of these problems please check first to see if anyone has answered the problem already. I will always respond immediately in the comments when a correct answer is given. Until I respond, feel free to learn from others mistakes on this and all other challenges. Posted by Picasa

End Game Problem

White to move and mate in however many. You tell me. Please don't look up the game. You are only cheating yourself by doing that. This is a more advanced challenge, therefore it is open to everyone. Please post your answers in the comments section. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Question for the Masses

Is it better to resign a lost position, or play the game out to completion? There are many differing views on this topic. I am of the opinion that you play the game out. However, I have been known to resign when I know I've lost it. Usually after about 12-15 moves, and I'm way down in material. What is your opinion. I want to know.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


What is your favorite opening? I have been studying chess for 14 months now. I am hooked in a big way. I cut my teeth on the Ruy Lopez. I had love-hate relationships with a few gambits along the way, and lately, I am learning the Nimzo-Indian. I am wondering what openings you like out there? Which opening do you use most often? Do you have any suggestions on opening strategy. I want this post to be an open forum on the opening of the chess game. Anyone and everyone feel free to post comments.

End Game Training

I want us to have a discussion in the comments section on this postion. The goal is checkmate. It is easy to waste time, and end up drawing this position. We want a win. How do we do it?